(Re)Collecting the Vietnam War

1 June 1802 - Việt Nam united by Gia Long

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1 June 1802 - Việt Nam united by Gia Long


Nguyễn Ánh ends thirty years of civil war and unites the three regions of Việt Nam (south, central, and north) and declares himself Emperor Gia Long on 1 June 1802. The Nguyễn Dynasty, the last Vietnamese monarchy, begins. He revives the imperial government in Huế and completes significant public works, including restoration of the irrigation system and construction of the Mandarin Road, which connects the cities of Hà Nội, Huế, and Sài Gòn. Emperor Gia Long is considered by the Vietnamese people as their country's unifier and greatest monarch ever, although he is later lambasted by Vietnamese Communists for accepting minor assistance from the French during his quest for unification.





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