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To fight against Communist groups in Laos and Vietnam, CIA operatives begin clandestine activities in Laos in 1953, and eventually form alliances with the Hmong, who are led by Major General Vang Pao (Royal Lao Army). Such covert war-making, known…

In 9 November 1953, the Pathet Lao begins its conflict with the Kingdom of Laos, signaling the start of both the Laotian Civil War and the Second Indochina War (referred to in the U.S. as the Vietnam War).

On 22 October 1953, the Franco-Lao Treaty of Amity and Association was signed, recognizing Laos as a fully independent and sovereign state under the control of the Royal Lao government.

As war between France and Vietnam escalates, the Viet Minh’s People’s Army of Vietnam invades the northeastern part of the French Protectorate of Laos on 12 April 1953. This provides the opportunity for the Pathet Lao to establish a "resistance…

The French assembly passes the Elysée Agreement on 29 January 1950, granting limited autonomy to the Associated States of Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) within the French Union.

On 7 August 2014, Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan both receive life sentences from the ECCC / Khmer Rouge tribunal for crimes against humanity. They are presently facing charges of genocide, and this second trial is scheduled to conclude in 2016 or 2017.

While awaiting a verdict on his case before the ECCC / Khmer Rouge tribunal, Ieng Sary dies on 13 March 2013, at age 87.

On 16 September 2012, Ieng Thirith is deemed unfit to stand trial at the ECCC / Khmer Rouge tribunal due to her Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Deliberations begin for Case 002 at the ECCC / Khmer Rouge tribunal, which involves Nuon Chea, Khieu Samphan (Khmer Rouge Foreign Prime Minister), Ieng Sary (Khmer Rouge Deputy Prime Minister), and Ieng Thirith (Khmer Rouge Minister of Culture/Social…

The first verdict from the ECCC / Khmer Rouge tribunal is issued against a Khmer Rouge official. On 26 July 2010, Comrade Duch is found guilty of crimes against humanity and initially receives a nineteen-year sentence. Duch appeals this verdict and…
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