(Re)Collecting the Vietnam War

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On 28 December 1998, Hun Sen stresses that the Khmer Rouge should be “welcomed with a bouquet of flowers” and that the country should begin the 21st-century with a “clean slate,” as two more high-ranking Khmer Rouge officials, Khieu Samphan…

On 26 July 1998, Hun Sen, via the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), wins the general election in Cambodia and become prime minister.

While under house arrest by Ta Mok, a senior Khmer Rouge military chief, Pol Pot dies of a heart attack on 15 April 1998, just as plans were being made to capture him and bring him to trial

Remaining Khmer Rouge members put Pol Pot on trial on 25 July 1997 and sentence him to life imprisonment. International observers condemn the trial as merely a show trial.

Ung Huot replaces Ranariddh as the first Prime Minister on 6 August 1997.

On 5-6 July 1997, Hun Sen mounts a coup against Prince Ranariddh, who goes into exile in Paris. Many Fucinpec party members are shot or forced to flee following the coup. Ung Huot replaces Ranariddh as the first Prime Minister on 6 August 1997.

In the United States, Congress passes the “Cambodian Genocide Justice Act” (22 U.S. Code §2656, Sec. 571-574) on 30 April 1994, which provides funding for a Cambodian Genocide Program at Yale University. Eventually, this organization becomes the…

On 17 September 1996, the Cambodian government extends amnesty to Ieng Sary, and thousands more Khmer Rouge members defect.

After Cambodia adopts the Law on the Outlawing of the Democratic Kampuchea Group on 7 July 1994, thousands of Khmer Rouge begin surrendering and seek amnesty from Cambodia’s government. The six-month amnesty period officially ended on 7 January…

General elections are held in Cambodia on 28 May 1993, and the royalist Funcinpec Party wins a plurality of governmental seats. Funicinpec’s Prince Norodom Ranariddh becomes prime minister and forms a coalition government with Hun Sen’s Cambodian…
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