(Re)Collecting the Vietnam War

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The Hmong of Laos – approximately 30,000 – are heavily taxed and oppressed by French and Laotian authorities. In early 1896, Hmong leaders revolt against the French in response to these unfair taxes, the first of several armed rebellions that…

Following its defeat in the Franco-Siamese War, Siam (Thailand) cedes the entire Kingdom of Laos to France on 2 October 1893. Laos becomes a protectorate of France and joins the larger territory known as French Indochina (which includes Cambodia and…

On 11 August 1963, King Norodom signs a treaty acknowledging Cambodia as a French protectorate. French colonial rule persists for 90 years.

In October 1887, the new French colony, called the Indochinese Union or Indochina, is founded, covering Việt Nam, Cambodia, and Laos. Vietnamese resistance to French rule starts immediately thereafter.

On 20 August 1883, Việt Nam loses its independence to the French, which extends its colonial control into northern Việt Nam by forcing the Vietnamese government to sign the Treaty of Huế.

France first attacks and occupies Đà Nẵng under the guise that Catholics are facing religious persecution under the Vietnamese. After three years of fighting, Emperor Tự Đức is forced to cede Sài Gòn and adjacent areas to France.
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