(Re)Collecting the Vietnam War

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Teaching Program for (Re)Collecting the Vietnam War


Welcome to the Teaching Program for the Asian American Literary Review special issue, (Re)Collecting the Vietnam War. We have sample interactive assignments, historical background information, and other tools to help you collaborate with other colleagues teaching the issue.

You'll find the following resources linked from this page:

(1) Links to demos and manuals for how to use Neatline, an on-line digital humanities tool that allows you and your class to create interactive maps and timelines as a way of visualizing and understanding information differently than a traditional, written essay.

(2) Timelines for the histories of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, which you can either assign as historical context, or use as the basis of your own timelines or class projects.

(3) Two essays from the special issue—Viet Thanh Nguyen's "On True War Stories" and Bee Vang and Louisa Schein's "Scenes Lost from Gran Torino: Hauntings of Hmong of Laos—both uploaded to NowComment, so that your class can annotate them and/or comment on them as a group.

(4) A 'Cultural Artifacts" assignment, along with a sample implementation of that assignment on Neatline.

(5) A Neatline mapping of the entire (Re)Collecting the Vietnam War issue's contents, which you can use as a supplement to the text, or as the basis for an assignment.

Please email schong@virginia.edu if you have questions, or want to share a resource for this page. You can also join our Facebook group <https://www.facebook.com/groups/1039282219418155/> if you want to interact with other folks teaching this special issue.

Cambodia Timeline test